Answering Services
for Medical Supply

Trained Operators Are
Ready Now for Your Calls

Answer Center Telephone Answering Service can Easily Assist Medical Supply Professionals with their Customer’s Service Requests.


Answer Center telephone answering service can easily assist medical supply companies to service their patients supply and service requests. A live voice is so much more reassuring than a voice mail and we can easily dispatch your technician or make appointments.

We will give your clients friendly and efficient service at a fraction of the cost your company would pay to staff it yourself 24 hours 7 days a week. You never have to worry about someone calling in sick or having to staff on holidays, either!

We customize your account to fit your company’s particular needs. We can maintain your on-call schedule and you can make changes via the web. We can deliver your messages via text, email, fax, live delivery or any combination of those.We have a backup generator which means we are always here to assist your clients. Your callers will always get a helpful and efficient agent to assist their needs whether it is oxygen delivery, medical equipment or testing supplies.