Answer Center Telephone Answering Service’s Disaster Recovery Plan Can Keep your Office Open Even if the Roof is Gone!

One of the major benefits of the “instant temp” service is that it’s a built-in disaster plan. Answer Center can keep your office open even if the roof is gone and you’re keeping the business going from your kitchen table while repairs are made. We‘ve had clients
who were without power or phones for up to 11 days following Hurricane Isabel; and although we were taking a record number of calls during that period we managed to keep them going even though we were running on an emergency generator for over 30 hours.

With Answer Center You’re Ready for Anything. We’ll Help You Write a Disaster Recovery Plan and Define Disaster Recovery Strategies.

On a less dramatic note, if your office phone system goes down, the power goes out or your exterminator goes a little overboard on the chemicals, we can cover anything from an hour to a couple of days.
Answer Center telephone answering service is customized to assist companies of any size. Our professional and friendly operators will greet your callers and deliver your messages by text, email, voice mail, fax or by calling you direct.