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Answer Center Answering Service Caters to the Needs of Small Business. Let us Show You What Our Award Winning Service Can Do for You!

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Reality can sometimes be depressing for small businesses that are just trying to stay afloat in an economy that seems to be working against them. While huge companies are advantageous when it comes to cheap efficiency, they largely underrate the value and significance of high-quality customer service. When a corporation is in business with hundreds of companies and is forced to deal with thousands of people every day in order to keep their operation running smoothly, it’s no wonder that their customer interactions are short and usually less than sweet. While this method may work for some types of businesses, answering services are definitely a field in which customer service is of the utmost importance.

Answer Center Answering Service is by Far the Best Solution when it Comes to Small Businesses in Need of an Answering Service Company.

When a customer calls a business with questions or concerns, nothing makes that business look worse than having their phones manned by operators who want nothing more than to get off the phone as quickly as possible and move on to the next call.

However, it can also be incredibly difficult for small businesses to achieve the means necessary to personally hire a sufficient number of phone operators to support every customer call; it is often financially necessary for these small companies to hire one separate answering service company to meet their telephone answering service needs.

Being a small business themselves, Answer Center knows the meaning of high-quality customer service and is able to take the time and care to give you the valued one-on-one attention you deserve.


Allow Our Answering Service Help Your Small Business Grow 24/7

Help-your-Small Business-Grow-24/7

Answer Center’s main offering is their Small Business Answering Service. This takes the daily pressures of every telephone answering part of running a business off of you and your employees and onto Answer Center’s highly trained, professional operators with the patience and charisma to deal with each and every one of your valued customers.

Included in the Small Business Answering Service are telephone operators ready to take calls at any time of day or night, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Plus, get scheduling and appointments confirmation services, as well as fax/email alerts that keep you and your employees in the loop of all interactions with your clients.

What We Do


Small Business Answering Service

We know the challenges an owner has to face wrangling 20 technicians on a 24-7 schedule while keeping up with a 4 person sales team.


Let our friendly, helpful staff set, reschedule or cancel your appointments. We can use our software or we can use your own web based software.

Recovery Plan

Answer Center can keep your office open even if the roof is gone and you’re keeping the business going from your kitchen table while repairs are made.


We can help assist you with your event registration for weddings, marathons, festival events, and more!


We can step in as your receptionist during the day when things get busy, after hours once your office is empty, or even on a 24/7 basis.


We can easily give out showing instructions, directions, how to become a sponsor or accept reservations for your event.