Specialized-Answer-Service-for-Lawyers & Law-Firms

Specialized Answer Service for Lawyers & Law Firms

The average client can track steady positive results directly attributable to using Answer Center. Simple ones:

  • Being “open” longer hours – a caller who can’t reach his normal mechanic, plumber or dentist may start calling around.  The first company that has an inquiry answered by an intelligent caring voice – wins a new customer.
  • Anyone can answer the phone – unfortunately most of the time phones are answered by people who are distracted.  A better answer comes when the caller reaches someone whose ONLY job and only concern is to focus on that caller and treat that caller like gold.  At Answer Center the caller will always come first and will always be treated well.  At your office, who answers the phone when your wonderful receptionist goes to lunch.  If every single person there isn’t qualified to be brilliant on the phones it’s great to keep the inexperienced from taking customer care calls.
  • Sometimes the phones don’t ring for hours, then you get half a dozen calls simultaneously.  Answer Center is your force multiplier.  You can go out and go after more business – hunt it, kill it, skin it and bring it home and we’ve got your back.  When you’ve got one man and four lines ringing, we can take three.  Freedom!

Law offices are substantially different than most of our other customers.  Their needs are different, and Answer Center’s agents are specifically trained to know what every law practice needs, always with a keen eye toward making the practice more money.  We also embrace true “personalized” service. As always, it good to compare rates on local answering service solutions for best offers.

  • Personal Injury Practices – we’ll specifically identify calls which are good prospects for fast settlement be scheduled for a “next day” phone appointment, calls that are more serious and need to be passed to a lawyer, investigator or paralegal, and the exceptional call where a class action suit is a real possibility.  The typical criminal law practice is a high volume client; there is no room for a fumbled response to any query.  The person answering the call MUST be extremely careful to refrain from being overly helpful by saying anything not specifically authorized by the practice’s lawyers.  Advertising sometimes gets a response from callers who don’t really have a valid case.  We can let “your lawyer” answer some of those frequently asked questions via pre-recorded voice mail so that the lawyer herself doesn’t have to spend half an hour on a case that can’t be filed. Class action suits are literally in a class by themselves.  If needed we can set up multiple accounts for a single practice – class action #1, class action #2  and “everything else.”  We might schedule a group meeting for one class action case, refer callers to a streaming video “infomercial” on another, and handle day to day cases on the third.
  • Criminal Practices Answer Center – there are really two types of callers for criminal practices “regular clients” who’ve been through the system repeatedly and who know the drill, and first timers where it’s often the mother,sister or daughter calling to get an immediate response and reassurance.  Every receptionist who answers a criminal lawyer’s phone needs to know how to adjust the response to the experience level of the caller – and transfer the caller directly to the lawyer when appropriate, and that is exactly what Answer Center does.
  • Small General Law Firms – cost control is the number one need small general needs and Answer Center has got your back.  An off-site receptionist can do everything needed to create the impression your lawyer’s office is fully staffed, ready and able to respond even to a big, complex case.  We get “lawyer/client” networking started.